The European geothermal sector emerges stronger from the COVID 19 slowdown


  • PUBLISHED: June 8, 2022

Brussels, 8 June 2022 – The publication of the EGEC Market Report provides an in-depth assessment of the geothermal industry’s evolution during the year 2021.

The European geothermal sector made a strong recovery from the COVID slowdown in 2021.

The headline developments were:

  • The heating and cooling sector accounted for more than half of the new projects commissioned.
  • Geothermal Heat Pump sales reached record growth levels – 73% in France, 59% in Austria 59%, 35% in Belgium and 10% in Germany.
  • In terms of overall capacity installed of geothermal heat pumps,, the market was still dominated by Germany and Sweden which represent half the installed geothermal heat pumps in Europe, and nearly half the annual sales.
  • 14 new geothermal district heating and cooling systems were commissioned. France and the Netherlands commissioned 3 each. The remaining new capacity was in Germany, Finland, Poland and Switzerland. Notably, the first geothermal district cooling project was commissioned in Finland. 
  • Exploration began for high-temperature resources to supply a paper manufacturing facility in the Netherlands. This is the first instance of industrial manufacturing turning to geothermal to meet its process heat needs.
  • 6 new geothermal electricity plants were installed to bring the total of 3.4 GWe capacity installed and 19 TWh produced.

Philippe Dumas, EGEC Secretary General notes that: “2021 proved that geothermal is the most reliable, cost-effective and ‘go-to’ solution for local authorities, industry, households and commercial buildings”. He added. “Now it is important for regulators to give it the same recognition and support as other technologies to ensure energy independence and climate security before 2030”..

For the past 11 years, the EGEC Geothermal Market report has been an authoritative publication on the development of the geothermal sector in Europe. Covering all segments of the sector – electricity and heating and cooling supply – the European Geothermal Market Report provides a comprehensive picture of the state of the sector in Europe. The report also looks at key trends in the global geothermal market, including minerals extraction (lithium).


The Key Findings are available for everyone


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Over 120 members from 28 countries, including developers, equipment manufacturers, electricity providers, national associations, consultants, research centres, geological surveys, and public authorities gives EGEC the ability to represent the entire geothermal sector.

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