Energy price crisis



EU Climate and energy framework, European Green Deal

Energy Efficiency, Energy infrastructures, Energy price crisis, EPBD

Joint Letter: Energy efficient, renewables-based and flexible buildings integrated in the energy system: the key features of a revised EPBD supporting climate neutrality

PUBLISHED: October 28, 2021

The EPBD revision should apply the Energy Efficiency First (EE1st) principle in a way that stimulates integrated renovations aiming at highly energy efficient, renewable-based and flexible buildings integrated in the increasingly variable energy system. The entire building stock should become capable of adjusting their very low energy consumption, their on-site renewable generation and their energy storage potential in response to external signals. This holistic approachto the implementation of the EE1st principle leads to multiple benefits such as emissions reductions, grid optimisation and system efficiency. It also delivers tangible benefits to citizens, including the most vulnerable ones, strengthens the EU’s clean energy industrial leadership, boosts local job creation and economic recovery.   Download the full joint letter



EU Climate and energy framework, European Green Deal, Financing

Energy infrastructures, Energy price crisis, European Green Deal

Joint Press Release: Europe must diversify its renewable energy supply to avoid future shocks

PUBLISHED: October 26, 2021

Brussels 26 October: Reacting to the conclusions of the extraordinary Energy Council, the heads of 7 renewable energy associations call upon Europe to prioritise the diversification of renewable energy supply as a matter of urgency. A wider range of renewables will deliver a cleaner energy system that protects citizens and businesses from future energy shocks. To deliver on this 100% renewables future, action is needed now: • The revised Renewables Directive needs a sub-target to incentivise national governments to roll out innovative and diverse renewable sources by 2030; • The 2022-23 Horizon Europe Work Programme should prioritise diverse renewable energy technologies with the greatest potential for innovation and scale-up; • The European Commission needs to start modelling how a system of diverse renewables will operate, and to inform policy-making with these findings.   Download the full PR text

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