Renovation Wave(s)



The European Commission announced a ‘Renovation Wave’ to work alongside Member States in delivering energy efficiency improvements in public and private buildings. This is a start. But it is still a long way from what is required.

EGEC Geothermal proposes three simple steps to institutionalise ownership, management and delivery of the systematic removal of fossil fuels in all types of buildings so that the sector is compatible with the Paris Agreement long before 2050.

The aim is full deployment of renewable energy sources coupled with energy savings to replace all fossil fuel in buildings and address the climate crisis.

It just so happens that geothermal heat pumps – the most efficient and reliable heat pumps available – combined with geothermal heat grids, are an affordable renewable energy in constant supply. It also helps to reduce consumer energy bills, alleviate the burden of energy imports, reduce geopolitical risk whilst solving the climate crisis.

Alongside other renewable energy sources and robust energy savings measures, geothermal energy proves that the building decarbonisation problem is solvable, good for inclusive growth and a just transition in which everyone experiences a direct benefit.

Our views are outlined here:

EGEC position on the Renovation Wave(s)

EGEC views on the Renovation Wave Inception Impact Assessment consultation

EGEC’s response to the Renovation Wave consultation on public and private buildings

Joint letter on the recommendations for an ambitious Renovation Wave

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