Connecting Europe Facility



The EU is supporting the build up of energy infrastructure to ensure the integrity of the Internal Energy Market. Programme such as the Trans European Network for Energy (TEN-E) and the Connecting Europe Facility have been challenging important amount of public funding and derisking to large energy infrastructure projects. Traditionnally, the gas transmission network has been a core beneficiary of these policies.

Renewable geothermal heating and cooling district heating networks must be incorporated into the revised TEN-E framework to achieve the internal market for energy. Article 1 and Annex 1 of Regulation 347/2013 limit this Regulation to ‘priority corridors’ in electricity, fossil gas and oil as well as ‘thematic areas’ such as smart grids and CO2 networks. This has locked-out geothermal and other renewable heating solutions creating a significant distortion in the functioning of the internal market for energy overall and heat in particular. Furthermore, smart thermal grids and underground thermal energy storage must be incorporated into TEN-E planning and financing programme.

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